Experience 16 - Finalborgo, a Ligurian exception

As fascinating as a capital city, an enchanting beauty.

Duration: 7-8 hours approx.
Price: Euro 130,00 per person

Finale Ligure, or rather “The Finale”, was an independent Ligurian state for a long time, with ties to the Signoria (seigneury) of the family Del Carretto. The fascination of past events is still tangible if one takes an easy stroll in the heart of its capital city. The family Del Carretto, left a strong cultural imprint, including its gastronomy. For instance, they made quality agricultural investments such as the valuable chinotto tree.

During the seventeenth century the feud was under Spanish domination and later it was under Genova. The most striking thing about Finalborgo is its beautifully preserved historical character: every building has a story to tell. There are residences, a cultural space with an historic theatre, and an administrative space with the old Court House. The Parish church of San Biagio is quite imposing. The bell tower is monumental. Its sumptuous interior is rich in a variety of artworks and in particular amazing marble statues. They are so light and airy; they don’t even look like marble!

Lastly there is a Museum of the Territory, which contributes to changing how one looks at the locality. Modern hospitality and a connection with sports linked with nature: mtb, trekking, climbing. Authentic flavours and tastes, from street food to first rate restaurants.

Experience highlights:

  • Transfer by minivan / car / train;
  • Guided tour of the Medieval village, led by licensed tourist guide;
  • Languages: Italian, English, and French.
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